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With a well written Film Business Plan,
you'll soon be ready to roll credits

LOUISE LEVISON, President of Business Strategies, is the "guru" of film business plans.

  • Making a single film?
  • Creating a slate or company?
  • Need to consult on the film industry or other Entertainment segment?

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Need Money for a Movie? Don’t Go in Empty Handed!

Attracting Investors begins with a solid business plan by Business Strategies that allows investors to gauge the profit potential of your movie.

We’ll draft a business plan that maximizes your chances to secure the financing you need to make your movie.

Before You Fade to Black, Show ‘em You Won’t Run in the Red

Financial projections show investors how and when they’ll make their money.
Vital elements investors look for are:

• Worldwide revenues and costs for comparative movies
• Projected profit
• Projected cash flow
• A detailed explanation of the assumptions underlying the financial projections for your film

Get a Jump-start on Your Business Plan with Louise Levison’s book, “Filmmakers and Financing: Business Plans for Independents”

Now in its seventh edition, “Filmmakers and Financing” is the industry standard. It explains in a step-by-step format how to write a business plan and includes access to a password-protected site that offers a downloadable course for writing your plan and other proven tips for attracting financing.

(Available 1/9/13)

Louise Talks Indies

Sundance Film Festival:
Louise will be signing copies of Filmmakers and Financing: Business Plans for Independents (new revised 8th Edition published December 2016) at Dolly’s Bookstore. “The first, most crucial, step in making a film is finding the funds to do it. This book tells you how to tell the investors what they want to know.” Check back for date and time or in January go here.




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